Dairy Goat Farm in Mexico

Galo de Allende provides the opportunity to enjoy nature while learning the details of a dairy goat farm operation. The only location that offers to the opportunity of experiencing the handling of a farm and its operations from start to finish.
Built from love for the nature that Laura and Juan Diego have, Galo de Allende is the first farm of its type to offer visitors a myriad of activities accompanied by its goats.

The farm, a dream come true

This enterprising young couple managed to leverage the Veterinary Medicine knowledge of Laura and the masters in the dairy product production of Juan Diego to establish their own business. A business that is rooted in its owner’s passion, effort, and perseverance and has become a local tourist reference and staple at Lake Chapala. Included by Tripadvisor in its list of top ten of activities for the Chapala lakeshore.


Harmony in nature

Our goat dairy farm provides an opportunity to learn, discover and appreciate the beauty of nature while having fun with your family.

Our future plans include expanding the farm and building overnight guest accommodations and additional activity areas to allow visitors to further enjoy contact with nature and learn about the operation of a farm.